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Jim Wise Theatre at NJIT

University Heights, NJ


Criterion Acoustics (CA) was integral to an audio upgrade for the Jim Wise Theatre at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in University Heights, NJ.


CA was invited onto the project by Ray Gintner IV, manager of theatre operations for the venue. Built in 1965, the 425-seat Jim Wise Theatre has a proscenium-arch stage that has hosted large-cast musicals and original comedies under renowned directors. The NJIT also uses the theater for faculty and administrative functions, Student Senate Organization events and two shows produced by the theatre arts program each fiscal year.


When the theater’s 1980’s-era sound system finally failed, CA designed a new audio system and determined the equipment lists for the project. The objective: to provide even coverage for a variety of program materials, ranging from live music performances to drama.


“NJIT needed a quality system, but it also needed to be cost effective,” Kotch says. “As it is an existing theater, routing infrastructure and incorporating motorized rigging without a lot of demolition is always tricky.”


CA collaborated with Masque Sound to deliver the custom audio equipment package.


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