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CA has worked extensively with Crossfit gyms. Unlike traditional commercial gyms, multiple weightlifters dropping heavy weights (often greater than 185lbs) cause excessive vibration in multi floor buildings. Commonly the decoupled acoustic floors are improperly engineered since the extreme weight drop conditions are not properly accounted for.


Crossfit Solace decided to address any potential issues before building their Crossfit gym. They hired Criterion Acoustics to engineer custom lifting platforms specifically designed for this type of weight drop isolation. These platforms are the first of their kind and are the only product currently on the market that successfully mitigates the issues that can arise from dropping weights from 6’ or more off the ground.


The other concern common in Crossfit gyms is the music played inside the space. CA tested the existing transmission loss of the celling system and advised on the possible solutions to mitigate the bothersome music.

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