SLT — Fitness

With its reputation as a premier acoustician for gyms, CA was selected by fitness aficionados SLT to treat multiple locations.


The pioneering SLT workout (Strengthen Lengthen Tone) challenges the human physique in new ways. CA provided thorough noise and vibration isolation for SLT gyms to ensure that the focus of instructors and their classes remains squarely on the exercise.

Marquee Las Vegas Nightclub

The Marquee Las Vegas is a live venue that stands out on the Las Vegas Strip. A 3,000 capacity nightclub/dayclub within the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, its outstanding sound comes via Criterion Acoustics.


With the Marquee’s sister venue, Rose.Rabbit.Lie, right next door, eliminating structure-borne noise and vibration was essential for both venues. The firm floated the theater’s entire 25,000 sq. ft. floor, which successfully achieved extreme sound isolation.

APG “A Studio” Los Angeles

Criterion Acoustics’ (CA) expertise was essential to an important new addition to major label recording. The recently opened “A Studio” in Los Angeles is a next-generation creative space built around highly advanced recording studio facilities, founded by Artists Partners Group (APG), Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group (WMG).


Consisting of four studios, editing and writing rooms, executive offices and a shared communal space, the complex will serve artistic endeavors from across WMG’s family of labels – including Atlantic, Warner Bros. and their subsidiary labels – as well operating as an A&R incubator for new talent.


CA collaborated extensively with Mike Caren, Founder and CEO of Artist Publishing Group and Artist Partner Group/Creative Officer of WMG, and Atlantic Records Chairman & CEO Craig Kallman to bring the partnerships’ vision to life. Services provided by CA include recording studio design, internal room acoustics, noise and vibration control, sound isolation, AV systems, mechanical noise control, and more.


The “A Studio” was the subject of a feature article in Billboard. Discover more details about this groundbreaking facility here.


(Photo credit: Elisabeth Caren)

CrossFit Solace


CA has worked extensively with Crossfit gyms. Unlike traditional commercial gyms, multiple weightlifters dropping heavy weights (often greater than 185lbs) cause excessive vibration in multi floor buildings. Commonly the decoupled acoustic floors are improperly engineered since the extreme weight drop conditions are not properly accounted for.


Crossfit Solace decided to address any potential issues before building their Crossfit gym. They hired Criterion Acoustics to engineer custom lifting platforms specifically designed for this type of weight drop isolation. These platforms are the first of their kind and are the only product currently on the market that successfully mitigates the issues that can arise from dropping weights from 6’ or more off the ground.


The other concern common in Crossfit gyms is the music played inside the space. CA tested the existing transmission loss of the celling system and advised on the possible solutions to mitigate the bothersome music.

Club Adoré


The latest club from Cy Waits, the brains behind Tryst and XS in Las Vegas, Adoré is South Beach’s hottest night club.


Located in the upscale Hotel Boulan, there were serious concerns that music and sound from the night club would disturb hotel guests, as well as residents of the adjacent apartment building.


Criterion Acoustics successfully engineered a sound isolation solution that allows the night club to play music at high levels throughout the night, without any disruption to the neighbors.